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Board of Management

Would you like to contribute to Multicap Tasmania in a leadership role? On an annual basis, Board of Management positions are renewed. If you believe you have the time and skill to contribute as a Board member, please complete an application form and send it to [email protected] for the consideration of the Board of Management.

Board of Management Application Form

Paul Smith

Kim Chen
Vice President

Glenda Schaddan
Board Member

Bruce Cameron
Board Member

Mary Duniam
Board Member

Dianne Ewington
Board Member

Frank Reynolds
Board Member

Della Bax
Board Member

Nigel Hill
Public Officer

A diverse range of services available

Multicap Tasmania provides a variety of services to meet the needs of people living with a disability, their families and carers. The services are designed to be flexible and diverse to meet the individual needs of people with a disability who require assistance. By helping people develop skills and by providing support we can assist people to participate fully in their community, to express their independence, choices and opinions.

"We promote a positive image of people with disabilities by providing a means of developing skills and maintaining current abilities, in a manner which is respectful of the individual person’s age and health and considerate of their requests and choices".

As well as... “Making full use of community opportunities to maximise each person’s potential and enhance their quality of life".

The Association's Philosophy is:

» People with disability have the same rights as non disabled people.

» People with disability, as individuals, have the right to self determination, particularly the right to choose place of residence and employment, to privacy and participation and respect as equals in the community.

» Services for people with disability will be in accordance with the principles of normalisation whereby programs and services should be conducted in the community, or where this is not practicable, in an environment as near as possible to the current cultural norm, with respect for the feelings, wishes and dignity of people with disability.

Association Membership

As an incorporated association, we are a membership-based organisation. If you would like to nominate as a member please download and complete an application form and send it to [email protected] or

Nigel Hill
Chief Executive Officer
Multicap Tasmania
Po Box 839
Burnie 7320
[email protected]

for the consideration of the Board of Management.

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