Day Services and Community Access

Blaydon Street Launceston

Offers a range of Community access and centre-based activities including craft , cooking and skills development.


Westwood is located on a sixty hectare property adjacent to Panorama at 186 West Mooreville Road. With plenty of open spaces boasting sea and rural views the options available on site include woodwork, bike riding, art and craft, cooking, in house Bingo, carpet bowls and more, as well as a range of skills and learning development activities. Community access to local pools, parks, attractions, Riding for the Disabled and both sporting and entertainment events are also options available. The Westwood site houses the local Broadband Kiosk where community members can get assistance from our experienced staff to navigate through the internet.


Horizon, also located at 186 West Mooreville Road, creates a focus on developing skills though plant care, propagation and nurturing of seeds using the extensive grounds, garden beds and a large greenhouse. The opportunity to participate in our animal/pet care program may be of interest here. The Horizon site has been upgraded, with the addition of a wheelchair accessible sensory pathway and raised garden beds.

Wynyard base

Established in 2006, Wynyard base in Goldie Street provides a full range of activities and community access. Focusing on community integration and involvement, our skilled staff assist each client to maintain and develop their abilities and potential through a wide range of programs and activities based on their individual needs, strengths, interests and choices. The Paverpol craft program has been a success and a much sought after activity at this base. The Wynyard Day Service is situated within a short walking distance from the CBD, and is serviced by nearby bus and taxi services, providing fantastic opportunities for community based learning and recreational activities.


Miranbeena, situated at 307 Mount Street, Burnie, caters for those needing a higher level of support and where specialised equipment is required. At Miranbeena, as with all our sites, we offer access to experienced, well trained and friendly staff. The large indoor spa is a real winner providing the opportunity for relaxation and water supported exercise. The extensive grounds and gardens form a retreat for clients. Our staff can assist with a variety of art and craft activities, including candle making, painting and scrapbooking, just to name a few. In addition we offer a hydrotherapy program that takes place in the local community or we can offer assistance with daily exercise routines. Weekly cooking programs that provide morning and afternoon teas and have been known to mix up a wicked ‘Mocktail’ (cocktail without the alcohol) are also available. For individuals who like to get out and about we regularly access the community for lunch, movies, the odd bingo game and any local productions that are on during the day.

VOC (Venue of Creativity)

VOC is located downstairs at 307 Mount Street, Burnie and provides opportunities for those with lower support needs, capable of higher independence. Trained and experienced staff support clients through different adventures that will enhance and develop learning need opportunities by experiencing new aspects of daily living. The computer programs, tile mosaics, Ladies Group, singing, dancing, cooking, shopping opportunities and outings are some of the options available to clients here. The Multicap band ‘The Dingoes’ is based out of the VOC centre and continues to develop the participants skills. The band has played at the local Christmas pageant and cocktail party. We also offer access to a leatherwork program which is held at the local TasTafe campus, working with peers and staff to create belts, bracelets, handbags and various other items. The VOC centre also offers clients the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and show their work to the community through local exhibitions held at different venues throughout the local community.

Serpentine Art Studio

Serpentine Art Studio (formerly the Arts Studio at 35 Marine Terrace, Burnie) has relocated to 307 Mount Street. Supported by art tutors and skilled support staff, painting, paper mache,, screen-printing and clay baking are some of the opportunities available in the studio. Several artists associated with Serpentine Art Studio have held successful exhibitions in local art galleries and businesses.