A new ball for a passionate ten-pin bowler

Darren loves tenpin bowling and recently expressed his wish to get his own ball to Grant, one of our Support Workers. Grant suggested that Darren speak to Rick at Devonport Ten Pin Bowling where they go each week.

After talking to Rick and weighing up his options, Darren decided to get this beautiful marbled blue and yellow refurbished ball. Rick measured him up for the holes which Darren helped drill himself.

In friendly competition with Grant and fellow Multicap Tasmania participants Peter and Jason, Darren played his first game with the new ball today. “I like it!” Darren exclaimed. When asked why he decided to get his own ball, Darren said; “Well, I’ve wanted one for a long, long time. I’ve seen others use them. The bowling champions use their own.” Grant chimed in to add, “When it’s busy, he can’t always get a ball that he wants.”

Rick checked in on Darren, observing that he had some pressure lines on his hand. He explained that since his new ball has been fitted to him, he doesn’t need to grip as tightly as he’s used to. “Hold it more relaxed” Rick said as he showed Darren what he meant. “It’ll take some getting used to.”

Darren noticed that the ball spins differently to what he expected. Rick said that it’s because the ball has been polished. The ball will get back to what he’s comfortable with in the coming weeks.

Published on 09 May 2019