A new start for a new year

It’s a new year; indeed, a new decade. As we all went about making (and for many of us breaking) our new year’s resolutions, it’s been a fresh start in a beautiful home for four of our amazing residents.

(pictured) Chelsea opening the door to her new home for the first time

Chelsea, Alison, Paula and Andria have started 2020 off settling into their new home. A stunning, contemporary home, the women moved in over the holiday season and have been adding their own personal touches to make it a comfortable home.

A monochrome colour palette has been applied in the shared spaces to start with. The household are amid discussions about what colour should be added to enhance the home even more.

Team Leader Tanya has recently revealed the transformation of the garage into a secondary chill out space. Complete with kitchenette, dining table and reclining lounges, the second living and dining area adds a lot of value to everyone.

Alison is planning to plant some of her favourite flowers beneath her bedroom window. Planting them in a raised garden bed will allow Alison to see them from her room and they will be a welcome addition to the backyard with its wrap around deck and pet budgie.

Everyone is very happy in the home which they have made so warm and welcoming for themselves and their guests.

Published on 24 Jan 2020