A Ritchie Christmas

Ritchie Avenue is bursting with Christmas cheer. Amanda has lead the residents and house team in going all out with the decorations. The group even involved the neighbours in the property’s transformation.

“Covid was my inspiration because everything has been canceled. There’s no carols, no street parades… so what do you take the kids to see? I thought let’s do something that involves the clients buying things. So, we went to Bunnings, Spotlight, Shiploads and Kmart for the items. We made the items, put the items up and now hopefully kids, clients and others in the community will come and have a look.

It’s a day display as well as a night display. When you have little kids (or are an early sleeper), no one can keep them up until 10 o’clock at night. Its too late for lights. But if you have something like this you can visit day or night and still have the Christmas sparkle.”
Amanda Farnsworth
Disability Support Worker

There are two photo points for people to pose and be amongst the display that are fully accessible. A snow globe on the path and one up in front of the garage. The driveway was extended earlier in the year so now people with wheelchairs and walking frames can come and see the decorations up close, not just from the street.

It ticks the boxes for all walks of life.

“It was good for our clients in particular to be involved in the process. They may not have done lots of things, but they were involved in every process that we did, and Brendan was excited to be out there and a part of it.”
Megan Spinks
Ritchie Avenue Team Leader

Brendan, Phil and Barry, along with the Ritchie Avenue team have met the neighbours through this project. Rather than just the occasional wave and a polite hello, connections have been made and relationships formed. The family next door even said the group would be more than welcome to use their yard for the display too and the children are so excited.

One local family had been watching the decorations go up for weeks with anticipation. They came out for a proper viewing when the final touch – the lights – lit up the display.

The residents of Ritchie Avenue now have something festive and varied to look out on any time of the day.

The house has been listed on the Elders Burnie Christmas light map for everyone in the community to come and appreciate. If you’re in the region, take a detour to the house to truly appreciate the display in person. It really packs a punch.


Left to right: Phil (back), Brendan, Megan, Barry and Amanda
Published on 23 Dec 2020