Bikers With Hearts ride

Tony, our Maintenance Officer, took part in the Bikers with Hearts ride once again this year. Bikers with Hearts raise funds to support families with children that need to go interstate for extended medical treatment. Their annual ride brings motorcyclists from around Tasmania together for this fantastic cause.

The first ride was held last year to raise money to support Jamie Devitt – a gorgeous, bubbly and determined girl who has cerebral palsy – and her family. It was such a successful event that the family decided to make the ride a yearly event to help others like them. Jamie underwent 10 major surgeries in one go on her legs early in 2019. Jamie’s Journey documents Jaime’s progress.

This year, the ride was in support of Winter-Lilly; a beautiful 6-month-old girl who has Cystic Fibrosis. Winter-Lilly was also born with a perforated bowel and a meconium cyst that needed to be removed. Traveling interstate for medical procedures is expensive and these rides provide some relief for the families during these times.

It’s not too late to donate. Donations are being accepted for Winter-Lilly until the end of Saturday 18 January. Any donations made from then will go to the next ride recipient.

Donations can be made to Bikers with Hearts.
BSB: 017500
Account: 421833238

“It’s been a wonderful event on the new bike that I borrowed. It’s given me a new idea of what bikes are like. Not my soft bike as they keep telling me. This one doesn’t have a windshield.

“It’s been great. I mean, look at us; we’ve got 65 bikes today and for that little girl we drove past today… it was just wow! It’s once a year but we have other charity rides to do as well. We have the Make-A-Wish Australia ride coming up soon.”
Tony De Wolff

Published on 12 Jan 2020