Health and Wellbeing

Supporting community and social participation through a range of group and individual supports

Multicap Tasmania can assist you in meeting your health and wellbeing goals through a variety of activities that we can tailor to meet your needs.

We offer a number of group and individual activities that enable you to stay fit and healthy, or to improve aspects of your life through supporting you through different activities and programs.

Your interests may be in joining our recreation programs, getting involved in our swimming programs or water based programs, getting involved in an exercise group, joining our gym program or developing your own program that meets your personal goal.

Your interest may be understanding more about a healthy diet and healthy cooking, and we are able to assist you in these activities as well.

Our programs are flexible, and may operate as part of our Community Access programs, but may also occur over the weekend or in the evenings. We have some regular social and fitness activities on weekday evenings, as well as school holiday programs.

Whether it is individually or as part of a group, we can work together with you and your family or support network, to create a personalised plan around your goals and aspirations, and identify the programs and supports that will assist you to achieve them. Support can complement your existing informal supports, such as your family, friends and other community members.

Multicap Tasmania caters to many different needs and interests in a safe and supportive environment, both within our hubs and in the local community.

Our qualified staff take a person-centered approach, and are committed to providing innovative and stimulating programs and activities designed to enhance your life skills and promote choice, inclusion, independence and wellbeing.

What are some of the programs offered?

Some of the most popular health and wellbeing activities include:

  • cooking and menu planning
  • gardening
  • leisure and recreational activities
  • swimming programs
  • fitness programs and activities

If there are other things you are interested in, please let us know. We can support you with whatever you’d like to do…everyone is different!

Frequently asked questions

  • Who can attend our Health and Wellbeing programs?

Are programs are offered with funding from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding for eligible participants, and may be fee-for-service.

  • Can I attend more than one activity?

Yes, you may choose to be involved in as many activities as you wish, subject to your NDIS funding.

Please call us to discuss your particular requests.