Multicap Tasmania Celebrates 50 years

Multicap Tasmania 50th Anniversary Celebrations

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Multicap Tasmania. We invite you to celebrate with us.  

Our story begins on the evening of the 17th of August 1971 where a number of people gathered for a Public Meeting at the Country Women’s Association offices in Burnie.  They shared a concern about the lack of services for their children living with disability.   

From that meeting a fundraising campaign commenced.  The Miss Multicap Quest was a very big part of the 70s and funds raised led to the eventual purchase and development of our 26 Hectare site Panorama at 186 West Mooreville Road East Cam. 

A little further on in history was the formation of Caring Parents in Launceston, with similar concerns for their children.  These concerns lead to more fundraising and the eventual purchase and development of properties in the suburb of Summerhill.  Multicap has operated those services since their establishment in the late 80s. 

These events were the forerunner of the organisation we now know as Multicap Tasmania.  Today we are a vibrant organisation with almost 400 staff, operating a broad range of disability services across much of Northern Tasmania.  We celebrate the evolution of the sector over time and now the NDIS with better funding options available to support people living with a disability,  

We have a long and proud history dating back to those events in 1971. 

It is time to celebrate and a number of upcoming events that will form part of the celebration.  

Published on 08 Aug 2021