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Cold, Flu and COVID-19 - 5 great habits when you are stuck at home!

Looking after your wellbeing during a pandemic can be tough and now we have cold and flu season upon us, so we are all likely to spend some additional time at home.

For a lot of us, it might mean we are at home isolating due to covid, or we catch something as mundane as the common cold. It is important that we try our best to keep up a good routine to help keep us feeling good!

Some things we can do to help are:

1. Schedule in snack breaks - if you’re at home all day, it is very easy to snack all day too. By scheduling in your snack breaks it will help you be more mindful of what you’re eating and when. Try taking morning tea outside, or having an afternoon snack and drink away from the TV

2. Get in the kitchen! – being home more means we have more time to experiment in the kitchen. Try a new vegetable or summer fruit you’ve never had, or make a dish you’ve never tasted, cook up a lovely lunch meal and eat outside, or try making some of your own frozen yoghurt to enjoy on a hot day

3. Drink up! – its so important to make sure you are getting enough fluids, especially when its warm! Try filling two 1L bottles or large jug with water and placing in the fridge at the stat of the day so you know how much you have gotten through. You can try adding berries, lemon, lime, cucumber, water cordial/sugarfree cordial or swap for some sparkling mineral water to keep it interesting!

4. Plant your own herbs – grab someone to help you with this one. All you’ll need is a pot and some potting mix (make sure you wear gloves and a mask) and some seeds. You can plant out your very own mini herb garden and watch it grow! You’ll have easy access to fresh herbs to jazz up your meals

5. Connect with Multicap Tasmania and other sin new ways! Check out our facebook, instagram or youtube accounts. We would love to hear how you are going and ways we can help support you, email us at

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