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Seeking donations for The Barn

The Barn is being prepared for the introduction into our programs. We’re looking for assistance in getting it up and running for our small engines

A visit from Alastair McEwin

Alastair McEwin is Australia’s Disability Discrimination Commissioner, working for the Australian Human Rights Commission. He is based in Sydney, and was in Burnie on Tuesday

Our new Launceston hub

Over the last two years we have seen extensive growth in numbers attending our Community Access programs in the Launceston area, and as a result

2019 closure dates

Our Lifestyle, Leisure and Learning (Community Access) hubs will be closed on the following days this year. If participants will not be attending our hubs

Thank you to our generous supporters

We would like to acknowledge those who have donated to Multicap Tasmania this year. There have been so many individuals and organisations that have supported

An interview with Ben Winters

Ben has recently started attending the Devonport hub’s music program during his individual support hours. He and Maxine, one of his support workers, took some