Somerset residents make the most of lockdown

Many of you will be familiar with Ken and Debbie from our ‘Happy in their new home‘ piece following their transition from Panorama to their amazing new home in Somerset. Well, home is where we have all been spending our time and Ken and Debbie have been no different.

Though restrictions have limited us, Ken has used much of his time getting outside and setting up his garden shed. Ken would rival almost anyone in having the most toolboxes and now they are in a place of pride.

Ken’s shed has been a passion project for him since the move was planned and it has now been realised to Ken’s great delight.

To finish the setup, Ken and his sister researched benches and ordered their selection online. Once the shed had been installed and benches set up, Ken took great care in completing his own private workshop. Loading up his trailer, Ken migrated his things out and placed them in the best way he determined with inspiration from Bunnings DIY videos.

Once the restrictions eased, Ken took the opportunity to invite some of the residents from the property next door to have a look.

Besides his shed project, Ken filled his days going around the block for some fresh air and sunshine, cooking and watching building videos on his new smart TV. He even asked Tam to trim his hair because he couldn’t go to his usual barber. Ken, you are very brave.

Debbie had her own exciting development during the restrictions. She has herself a brand-new wheelchair which brought with it an opportunity to see her parents when they dropped it off. As you can imagine, Debbie was very happy to see them in person.

Like Ken, Debbie also enjoyed cooking and spending time outdoors in Somerset. She also took time out listening to music and connecting with her parents over FaceTime. Tam’s fur baby Myllie made a guest visit to the house and met Debbie.

Debbie was full of smiles and giggles the day she returned to day service and returned home happily exhausted and ready for a refreshing afternoon nap.

Excited to be back at community access, Debbie was so happy to also visit her favorite hairdresser. Something many of us can empathise with.

Published on 19 Jun 2020