Tasmanian Rollout

In Tasmania the NDIS is being rolled out progressively, by age.

In general, the rollout matches the following schedule.


1 January 2018

Ages 4 to 17 eligible

Ages 18 to 34 eligible

1 July 2018

Ages 0 to 17 eligible

Ages 18 to 49 eligible

1 January 2019

Ages 0 to 17 eligible

Ages 18 to 64 eligible

What should I do if I am eligible by age?

An access request is the starting point for entry to the scheme.  This can be submitted at any time once you are eligible by age, and will commence the process for your first NDIS plan.

It is important that this process is undertaken prior to someone’s 65th birthday, if accessing the Scheme for this first time. 

Further Information

Further information on NDIS eligibility is available here.

Further information on Early Childhood Early Intervention is available here.

Click here to find out about Multicap Tasmania’s NDIS Information Sessions.

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