The Board visits Devonport

The Board visited two of our Devonport residential properties ahead of their November meeting last week.

The Board at Violet Place

Many had been to the opening of Violet Place last year and returning to see how the vegetable garden had grown and the residents had made themselves at home was a valuable exercise.

A Santa decoration made by one of the staff sits in the Violet Place communal lounge.
Dawn welcomed the Board with a resident.

Amanda has moved to Devonport after being a long term resident of ours in the Burnie region. She has made herself comfortable within her new home with a solid staff supporting her live a healthy and social life. 

Amanda’s home is part of a newly developed string of units built by Insight Property and sold to Housing Choices Tasmania; a registered community housing provider. The homes were designed to meet silver, gold and platinum level requirements under Livable Housing Australia bench marks, and the Housing Tasmania minimum standards for social housing.

As Amanda enjoyed her dinner, Team Leader, Shevonne took the Board around Amanda’s home showing them around explaining how the space.

Shevonne taking the Board through Amanda's home as she enjoyed a delicious bowl of spaghetti bolognaise
Jacky welcoming the Board to Violet Place
Published on 02 Dec 2019