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school leaver employment supports (SLES)


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School Leavers Employment Scheme Tasmania
Multicap Tasmania can support you by providing training and individual programs to help you find meaningful employment.

What is SLES?

The School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) is a capacity building support program available to young participants in the first few years after finishing school.

Multicap Tasmania provides assistance and support to those with an aim to gain employment. These programs are individually designed around the hopes, aspirations and prior experiences of each participant.

School leaver employment supports help participants move from school to work and are available in the final years of school and directly after leaving school.

Providers who deliver school-leaver employment supports help young people prepare, look for and gain employment. They provide meaningful, individualised capacity-building activities so young people can achieve their employment goals.

As part of managing a participant’s employment barriers, providers can:

  • support a participant’s unique pathway to employment

  • help foster partnerships and goodwill in the local community

  • use their professional networks to engage and connect with employers.

How school leaver employment supports work

School leaver employment supports funding builds a participant’s ability and confidence to enter the workforce.

The NDIS can fund school leaver employment supports for up to two years, depending on the participant’s circumstances.

Each school leaver’s employment supports will be different. The following skills may be part of an individual program of supports to help participants get ready for employment:

  • money handling skills

  • time management skills

  • communication skills

  • discovery activities

  • work experience

  • job ready skills

  • travel skills

  • personal development skills

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