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supported independent living and
speciality disability accommodation


Increasing independence and choice through a range of accommodation options
Multicap Tasmania Disability Services Provider Launceston, Hobart, Burnie, Wynyard, Smithton, Devonport
Multicap Tasmania can assist you with a variety of accommodation options that provide the appropriate level of support to meet your needs and aspirations.

We operate a range of accommodation options across Tasmania, designed specifically to suit the needs of people with disability who need accommodation.

what is SIL and SDA? 

SIL and SDA are two different types of support.
SIL (Supported Independent Living) 

Provides staff to assist when significant amounts of support are required. 

(Specialist Disability Accommodation)

Is a specialist building type with additional features above a standard home.  

Not all SIL participants need a purpose built home SDA property. There are also some people who may require a purpose built SDA home but may not need SIL supports, their support needs may be better provided with other NDIS support types.

Supported Independent Living

People who wish to access Supported Independent Living will need to be assessed by the NDIS for their eligibility to SIL supports. Generally these supports will only be available to people 18 years and older. Once SIL has been approved, Multicap Tasmania can work with you to find an appropriate option.

We always consider the compatibility of residents in our accommodation options. When you let us know that you’re looking for a new home, we will consider your age, gender, health needs, interests and personal requests, to ensure you and your fellow housemates are well-suited and likely to enjoy each other’s company.

Specialist Disability Accommodation

Some NDIS SIL participants may need a purpose built housing solution that has additional features over and above a standard home.  

Occupational therapist can be engaged to provide an SDA assessment which helps determine those requirements.  

The NDIS will review an SDA assessment and will determine if the NDIS participant is eligible for Specialist Disability Accommodation. 

 If they are, a payment will be made to the owner of the property they are living in provided that property has been built to the required SDA standard.  

SDA creates an opportunity for participants who need a more disability friendly living option to move into a property built for their needs.

If an NDIS participant is approved for Specialist Disability Accommodation, the approval will detail both a design category and a building type.

It's your choice

Our accommodation options include a mix of units, houses, villas, group homes, and a large residential facility. 

These accommodation options provide for people with a broad range of disabilities where assistance with daily living is required. Our accommodation options are broadly based around Supported Independent Living (SIL).

Within our supported accommodation, Multicap Tasmania provides full-time care and support, with an ability to tailor our supports to best meet the needs and goals of our NDIS participants.

Our accommodation options provide for increasing independence and community engagement, allowing you to live the life you choose.

Why choose Multicap Tasmania?
We are the disability specialists
  • We have been providing high quality services for almost 50 years.

  • We provide flexible services, customised to your support needs.

  • Our staff have extensive experience supporting a variety of people, including those with high and complex needs.

  • We uphold the highest standards of quality and safeguards.


High quality staff
  • Our staff are experienced, qualified and highly trained.

  • Our recruitment process includes safeguards such as Working with Children and Vulnerable People Checks.

  • We meet required quality standards.

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