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2023 colouring book

Our Colouring In Book!

Dive into a world of vibrant imagination and endless potential with Multicap Tasmania’s empowering colouring book. With every purchase, you’re not just getting a colouring book – you’re supporting Multicap Tasmania’s programs for children with disabilities. $10 from every sale goes directly to nurturing these programs, making opportunities possible for countless young people with disability.

This book is more than just a fundraiser. It’s a celebration of the incredible abilities and talents of people with disabilities. Through these pages, we invite you to see the world through their eyes, to understand their dreams, and to celebrate their achievements.

For children who may not have seen themselves represented in colouring pages before, this book is a beacon of inspiration. It advocates for inclusivity, diversity, and the boundless potential within every individual. It’s a tool to spark conversations, foster understanding, and ignite the flames of ambition in young minds.

About the Artist

Jimmy is a professional artist living on the North-West Coast of Tasmania. He focuses on character design, comics and zines, and illustration, as well as running his own creative business, Fins & Scales Studio.

He loves fish, superheroes, board games and video games, all of which continue to be inspirations for his art.

You can find more of his work at

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