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Multicap Tasmania

your trusted tasmanian disability support provider

For over 50 years, Multicap Tasmania has been empowering those with a disability to reach and be recognised for their full potential, express their individuality and engage in our community.

We are an NDIS Approved service provider.

We can assist you with your NDIS plan and link you to services available in your local, Tasmanian community.

our services and programs

supports and services

finding the right support

we can help you find the right person to support you or your family member to reach their goals and potential!

our advocating intiatives

we are expanding and looking to new and innovative ways to advocate and give voice to people with disability in Tasmania.

Disability Services Launceston

nothing about me, 

without me.

At m-power, our vision is simple yet profound:


to amplify the voices of people with disability, ensuring they have the power to shape the services they deserve. 

Multicap Tasmania
Disability Services Tasmania

our new colouring book,
featuring people with disabilities

Dive into a world of vibrant imagination and endless potential with Multicap Tasmania’s empowering colouring book.


With every purchase, you’re not just getting a colouring book – you’re supporting Multicap Tasmania’s programs for children with disabilities. $10 from every sale goes directly to nurturing these programs, making opportunities possible for countless young people with disability.

For children who may not have seen themselves represented in colouring pages before, this book is a beacon of inspiration. It advocates for inclusivity, diversity, and the boundless potential within every individual. It’s a tool to spark conversations, foster understanding, and ignite the flames of ambition in young minds.

Purchase yours today >

talk to a local who knows

we empower people with disability all over Tasmania, contact us to learn how we can empower and support you too!
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Multicap Smithton
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