COVID-19 Vaccines National Rollout Strategy

Some of you may be aware that disability accommodation services have been included in Phase 1A of the COVID-19 Vaccines National Rollout Strategy (

From our current understanding, residents living in a disability accommodation setting, and staff working in those settings, will be eligible for vaccination with the first part of the rollout plan. Our understanding is that this only applies to residential accommodation settings, and not other services (i.e. our community hubs or in home support), however, we will continue to find out more information in relation to this rollout.

It will be important that all residents and/or their families make informed choices about being part of the vaccination program, and we aim to provide as much information as possible.

Whilst not all of our NDIS participants or staff appear eligible for Phase 1a, we would expect all staff and NDIS participants to be prioritized in the subsequent phases of the program.

Until such time as Australia has a large scale immunisation program successfully completed, we need to ensure that we remain COVID Safe and continue to follow the relevant guidelines. To assist in contract tracing and broader awareness, we will shortly be rolling out a check in process for staff, visitors and contractors across our services so that we are aware who was there, and that they were not displaying any flu like symptoms, and we are maintaining social distancing and hand sanitation and cleaning practices. Further details of this will be provided to everyone in the near future.

Published on 31 Jan 2021